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Sita Ram Upadhyaya Museum: Hundreds of very impressive terracottas, collected by a local resident Late Sita Ram Upadhyaya, were later donated to the museum. The word Buxar is said to have been derived from Vyaghra Sar. The tiger face of Rishi Ved Shira, an outcome of the curse of the sage Rishi Durvasa, was restored after bathing in a holy tank which was later named as Vyaghra Sar. They perform it in five days by halting in night in five villages surrounding Buxar. During the visit they cook their own food called litti-bhanta. This is a vegetarian dish which is famous in Bihar, Litti is ball like structure made of wheat powder by filling the black gram roasted powder mixed with salt and spices called sattu. Bhanta Round Brinjal roasted in the fire of dung along with potato and tomato finally all are smashed after removing its peel and served with litti which is also roasted in the same fire. The Angrez Kabristan English cemetary houses the graves of the British soldiers who died during the Battle of Buxar and the uprising.

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List of cities in Bihar As of the India census , [5] Bhagalpur town has a population of , , while the district as a whole has a population of 3 million. It is the 3rd largest city in Bihar in terms of urban population. Bhagalpur has an average literacy rate of

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Gaya District Gaya derives its name from the mythological demon Gayasur which literally means Gaya the holy demon , demon asur, a Sanskrit word and Gaya. Over its history dating millennia, the word asur got deleted and the name Gaya remained in currency. Lord Vishnu killed Gayasur, the holy demon by using the pressure of his foot over him.

This incident transformed Gayasur into the series of rocky hills that make up the landscape of the Gaya city. Gaya was so holy that he had the power to absolve the sins of those who touched him or looked at him; after his death many people have flocked to Gaya to perform shraddha sacrifices on his body to absolve the sins of their ancestors.

Gods and goddesses had promised to live on Gayasur’s body after he died, and the hilltop protuberances of Gaya are surmounted by temples to various gods and goddesses. These hilltop temples at Rama Shila, Mangla Gauri, Shringa Sthan and Brahmayoni are part of the pilgrimage circuit, and grand staircases have been built up to most of them. Holy Sites in Gaya Sacred places in Gaya correspond to physical features, most of which occur naturally.

Ghats and temples line the banks of the sacred Falgu River. Trees such as pipal trees and Akshayavat, the undying banyan, are especially sacred. The Mangla Gauri shrine is marked by two rounded stones that symbolize the breasts of the mythological Sati, the first wife of Lord Shiva. The most popular temple today is Vishnupad Temple, a place along the Falgu River, marked by a footprint of Vishnu incised into a block of basalt, that marks the act of Lord Vishnu subduing Gayasur by placing his foot on Gayasur’s chest.

The present day temple was rebuilt by Devi Ahilya Bai Holkar, the ruler of Indore, in the 18th century. Buddhist tradition regards the footstep in the Vishnupad Temple as a footstep of Buddha who is regarded as an avatar of Vishnu by Hindus.

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Lalu convicted in third fodder scam case: Lalu has been embroiled in a controversy and named in several cases, dating back to when he was railways minister under the UPA-I government , and Bihar chief minister Lalu, who has been active in politics for over four decades, was instrumental in launching his wife, Rabri Devi, and sons Tejashwi Pratap Yadav and Tej Pratap Yadav in politics as well.

Rabri Devi served as CM of the state for three terms between and Tej Pratap was health minister in the Nitish Kumar cabinet till July this year. Here are some of the cases against Lalu and his family Fodder case In , Lalu Prasad was charged under sections of the IPC for forgery, criminal conspiracy and under the Prevention of Corruption Act, in connection with the fodder scam.

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Excursions Vaishali today is a small village surrounded by banana and mango groves as well as rice fields. But excavations in the area have brought to light an impressive historical past. The epic Ramayana tells the story of the heroic King Vishal who ruled here. Historians maintain that one of the world’s first democratic republics with an elected assembly of representatives flourished here in the 6th century B.

And while Pataliputra, capital of the Mauryas and the Guptas, held political sway over the Gangetic plain, Vaishali was the center for trade and industry. Lord Buddha visited Vaishali frequently and at Kolhua, close by, preached his last sermon. To commemorate the event, Emperor Ashoka, in the third century B. A hundred years after the Mahaparinirvana of the Buddha – Vaishali hosted the second great Buddhist council.

Two stupas were erected to commemorate this event. Jainism, too, has its origins in Vaishali, for in B. Vaishali is then twice blessed and remains an important pilgrim center for both Buddhists and Jains, attracting also historians foraging for the past.

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Delhi Police investigating the Shailja Dwivedi murder case has claimed that Major Nikhil Handa — the accused in the case – had befriended another woman, whom he contacted after committing the crime. Handa met the woman in question through dating site QuackQuack. In, a senior police officer said. The year-old Army officer was arrested from Meerut on Sunday for allegedly killing Shailja Dwivedi — the wife of a fellow Army officer Amit Dwivedi – and planting the murder look like an accident.

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Hindi, Maithili, Bhojpuri Introduction to Bihar Bihar is the place that gave birth to Buddhism and Jainism and helped in the growth of Sikhism and Hinduism, has a past that is unmatched anywhere in the world. It was the center of first republic in the world at Vaishali and the city of Pataliputra was largest and grandest in the world at the height of its glory.

There is an array of tourist destinations of diverse interests in the state, though their potential has not been exploited fully till now. Starting from the world famous Buddhist Circuit to the Patna Sahib of Patna and Mithila Paintings of Madhubani to silk production center of Bhagalpur, the state has much to offer to the tourists. More than anything else, it is the present image of the state that is not allowing the state to be a frontrunner in attracting tourists. It is a flood prone region and one of the most backward regions in the country.

Central Bihar, south of Ganges, is a region with rich agricultural resources. Most of the north and central Bihar is plain with no significant elevation. Brief History of Bihar The early history of Bihar is lost as the major events and happenings were not documented but with the advent of Jain and Buddhist texts documentation of events began.

And from these texts we get to know about the sixteen Mahajanapadas that flourished during the 6th century BC. Vaishali, Anga, Rajgriha, Pataliputra, Nalanda, and Mithila are just a few of the places in Bihar that knit the history of ancient India.


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Zoological and Botanical garden Padri Ki Haveli, deemed to be the oldest church in Bihar dating back to Gandhi Maidan called the Patna Lawns during the rule of British East India Company and later the British Government in India. Nagholkothi is an example of .

Thousands cheer new Prime Minister Narendra Modi 17 May They are excluded from Hindu temples, banned from drinking water from wells used by higher castes and their children are forced to eat separately at school. Those who demand equal rights are often made outcasts and evicted from their homes. But while all Dalits suffer inhuman and brutal treatment, none of them are quite as marginalised as the Musahar. They account for almost half of Bihar’s 80 million population, but hardly any of them have a government job, while literacy rates are among the very lowest in the whole country — six per cent of Musahar men can read and write and only two per cent of women.

Many of them now work as bonded farm labourers. Campaigners for Musahar rights said on Tuesday they believe the election of Mr Manjhi as chief minister will finally roll back the prejudice they suffer and allow them to take their place in mainstream society. We have been oppressed for centuries by the upper classes and his appointment as the chief minister of Bihar is a historic step”, said Umesh Kumar Manjhi of the Rashtriya Musahar-Bhuyian Vikash Parishad group.

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The region of Magadha was home to a vast empire during the ancient times, dating from to BC. It was also ruled by Bimbisar and Ajatshatru. Later on, Chandragupta Maurya and Ashoka ruled the region. Later, Rajputs came here to settle down. All these rulers have left their mark on the city. The city prospered immensely during the reign of King Ashoka.

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The capital of Bihar is Patna which is situated on the banks of the holy river Ganga. The state is surrounded by Nepal in the north, West Bengal in the east, Uttar Pradesh in the west and Jharkhand in the south and has a geographical area of 94, sq. The state has a rich cultural heritage as it is associated with pilgrimages and historical monuments related to religious gurus such as the Buddha, Mahavir and Guru Gobind Singh.

Monuments of historical and religious significance present tremendous potential for attracting both domestic and foreign tourists. The state enjoys a unique location specific advantage because of its proximity to the vast markets of eastern and northern India, access to ports such as Kolkata and Haldia and to raw material sources and mineral reserves from the neighboring states. The state has a large base of cost effective industrial labour, making it an ideal destination for a wide range of industries.

The economy of Bihar is mainly based on agricultural and trading activities.

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