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Beijing Haidian, China Education: He is signed to S. In , Luhan filed a lawsuit to terminate his exclusive contract with SM Entertainment, mainly for health reasons. Entertainment announced their plans to debut a new boy band sometime in March or April However, news of the debut did not surface until December , when S. Luhan was the second of the twelve members introduced, and was featured in a teaser released on December The group held their second showcase and first press conference in the Great Hall of the University of International Business and Economics in Beijing, China on April 1. Luhan and Xiumin will play soccer in the dorms. When Luhan sleeps he has this habit of putting an arm under his pillow.

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Chen exo dating rumors are dating so they happen. Made their fans of the. Pls come back together started flying about those who’ve tried and jong suk and bts’ suga are some. Hyuna and fans shower iu’s fans of them all criminal accusations. Song ji hyo joo shares thoughts on your south korean.

As he got no answer, he went to his office personally to achieve his intention. Yang gave him the opportunity to audition, where he was successful, and accepted by the record label as a trainee. Dong spent the first few years as a trainee cleaning the studio for the other artists in the company and fetching them water bottles during dance practices, later admitting that current artists at the time weren’t friendly towards him or Kwon.

Their formation was documented on television, but before their official debut, Hyun-Seung was dropped and their final lineup consisted of five members. Geojitmal from their first extended play Always This was followed by ” Last Farewell ” Korean: Haru Haru from Stand Up ; both were also chart-toppers. Solo career development and Solar[ edit ] Taeyang performing on Big Bang’s Alive World Tour in After contributing to singer Lexy ‘s album, Taeyang announced that he was going to release a solo album.

Initially scheduled for a September release, the project was pushed back due to conflicting schedules with his group. He later stated that he would do so in the future to fully express and incorporate his thoughts and ideas into his music.

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Who would have thought that from a close friendly relationship, f x Krystal and EXO Kai will soon announce that they are indeed in love with each other? How true is that? However, when the dating rumors were confirmed, multiple news claims that the relationship seems not healthy for their career. In recent reports, AllKpop noted that KaiStal relationship might be the reason why Krystal Jung allegedly considering on transferring to other company after her contract in SM Entertainment ends.

The speculation about her departure starts when her dating rumors to her fellow SME artist, Kai resurfaced the internet. On the other hand, negative reports about Kai also surface the internet when he allegedly dumps his EXO duties just to be with Krystal.

Jun 19,  · Article: ‘The Meeting of Soshi and EXO’ Four points on Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating Source: Sports Chosun via Naver 1. Taeyeon is the member with the biggest fandom in Korea 2. This marks the fifth dating news from SNSD this year 3. Also the first dating news for EXO : Netizen Buzz.

His charisma, his smouldering gaze are all just too irresistible in the heat of this summer! There’s just so much to ogle over like, you know, his abs , but no, fans zoomed in on one thing — his hair. Of course his dreads, like in his ‘Growl’ days are nothing new. So why do international fans keep bringing up this? From ‘misappropriating black culture’ to ‘inappropriate hairstyle’, Kai has received loads of criticism. Similar to the Pepsi ad controversy just a month ago involving GOT7’s Jackson, fans have come to the defense of the idol by defending that dreads aren’t owned by one culture.

Not to say that they didn’t receive criticism either — there were fans who were not happy with them as well. It doesn’t seem like the debate will come to an end anytime soon. Kai, you rocked those dreads back then, and you still do. Keep doing your thing! EXO-Ls can expect individual teasers of the other members to drop every day until the track releases on 20 July. Until then, satisfy yourself with the freshly dropped teaser of Baekhyun.

In a mullet, no less.


To follow up Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon’s apology , EXO’s Baekhyun has now reached out to fans in this heartfelt post via his instagram account. Although it’s very late.. I’m leaving these words here to tell all the fans that I’m sorry for the disappointment and pain I’ve given you.

Apr 28,  · Enjoy Korea’s latest and most popular K-Drama, K-Pop, K-Entertainment & K-Documentary with multilingual subtitles, by subscribing KBS World official YouTube. 대한민국 대표 .

At an early age, IU became interested in pursuing a career in the entertainment industry and began attending acting classes. Career beginnings[ edit ] IU performing “Boo” on October 29, She performed the song live for the first time on the music program, M! Countdown , on September 18, , making it her debut performance as a professional singer.

During an interview in , IU said, “My first album failed, but I’m grateful for that. If I had become successful as soon as I made my debut, I wouldn’t appreciate my staff members and the popularity that I’m enjoying now. Towards the end of , IU released her second extended play, IU She began promoting its lead single, “Marshmallow” Korean: The song was described as “saccharine” with a style that was a hybrid of the rock-and-roll of the s and “French pop”.

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Share shares Soon her Instagram account was flooded with comments, some from fans attacking her and others apologising for the actions of EXO-L. Others accused her of lying about not getting plastic surgery, called her ‘fake’. The Sydney based model has more than 1.

Jan 22,  · If Irene is dating someone from EXO, I just hope they will be happy and that crazy fans won’t destroy everything. #3 NovaLuna, Jan 22, imshyshyshy, its_zo, .

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I don’t have anything else to say because they match well. Idols, especially EXO, is the most popular group right now. I don’t understand why the members laughed at Kai when Krystal was saying her award speech.

BLACKPINK Fans Are Calling Lisa Their “Oppa”, Here’s How She Got Her Unusual Nickname. 3. 14 Moments When It Was Obvious That Hyuna And E’Dawn Were Dating. 4. And Why You Might Want To Too. 7. EXO Kai’s Baby Twin Is All Grown Up Now And Just Look At Him. 8. A Bunch Of April Fansites Shut Down, And Fans Are Celebrating. 9.

Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid Email Korean superstar Jonghyun of SHINee fame is being remembered as part of a three-day funeral celebrating his short life and allowing devastated fans to pay their respects after he took his own life. The lead singer, whose real name is Kim Jong-Hyun, was found unresponsive in a rented apartment on December 18 by Gangnam police, who were called there by Jonghyun’s older sister.

She was said to be concerned for her little brother after receiving worrying texts from him begging her to ‘let him go’. Read More The portrait of Jonghyun is bordered with white flowers to symbolise his passing Image: AFP Fans cover their faces and weep for their idol Image: AFP As is Korean tradition, the first two days after a death is dedicated to allowing mourners to come and grieve in one location, where a portrait of the deceased stands.

All day today, hundreds of sobbing fans have been encouraged by SHINee’s management company SM Entertainment to say their final goodbyes to the singer in a room bedecked with flowers. An enormous portrait stands in the centre of the room and is surrounded by colourful flowers, including a border of white chrysanthemums to symbolise death. Read More A sea of colourful flowers greets fans at the site Image: AFP Hundreds of fans have been queueing up to say goodbye Image:

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Lights were shining throughout the arena. The crowd erupted in cheers and screams. Fangirls fanned themselves and whispered in lively tones, waiting for the main event to start. And in the middle of it all was him. The audience hushed themselves when the announcer stepped forward.

[+, ] It’s obovious that EXO thinks their fans are ATM ㅋㅋ Look at Chanyeol, when a member got a present, he acted sly and asked for the same present ㅋㅋㅋ [+91, .

Few hours ago your grandparents called me to inform that you were about to debut soon, and that you were very busy at the moment, they also told me not to worry. But neither of them knew we rarely kept in touch. After receiving their call, I feel so relieved, so I went to visit them. They cooked lots of delicious food for me, they said no matter how our relationship went, they still treated me as their granddaughter.

I will do everything I could, and try my best to take care of them and make them happy. Despite the sad things in the past, all the memories between us were so beautiful, thinking about that time again, I have no regret. I always tell myself to forget you so I can move on, slowly, starting a new life without you. But no matter how busy I am, or how I try hard to fill up my mind with work, I still miss you, wondering if you take care of yourself, if your stomach still hurts … Did you remember that long time ago I showed you my future table plan?

EXO fans slam Twitter user for circulating band member Kai and girlfriend Krystal’s initmate photo

Boeing, Lockheed Martin and Raytheon are working on different parts of the redesign. MDA wants to improve the reliability of the kill vehicle, which destroys an incoming warhead by colliding with it. And in a test, an interceptor with the redesigned kill vehicle will be programmed to use only two of its three stages, a potential option that could give warfighters more flexibility.

At first netizens thought she was dating EXO-M member Xiumin, but people close to them later confirmed that she was probably going out with Suho. As soon as the information spread the fans started ravaging her social network in search of pictures to post, and leaked her personal information on social media networking sites.

Seohyun and Taeyeon Body Part: However, he admitted that he is the one who gets angry easier from all the members Habit: Following the rhythm of a song with his hands He loves doing charity work. It revitalizes him and makes him feel happy Chanyeol confessed that he cries the most among EXO members He used to share a room with Baekhyun, but now he shares a room with Kai and D. It was definitely an odd pet to have and people still make fun of him for having one Chanyeol really loves animals of all kinds.

One time when he was young, his mother found a nest of mice outside their home. He caught a baby mouse and asked her if he could take care of it His role models are Jason Mraz and Eminem In , he was ranked as the no. He loves finding bargains or discounts while shopping. Like Lay, he only listens to the sound to play it on the piano According to Suho, fans call Sehun, Chanyeol, Chen and him as the people who cause natural disaster because of their power concept Chanyeol starred in K.

Both nicknames refer to their dancing skills Chanyeol and D. Then he will talk to her about music and from then on get to know her more and more.

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