Vincent Olivaud The ninth day at sea in the Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe solo transatlantic race saw the second capsize in this 11th edition of the four-yearly classic when a 50ft trimaran flipped over about 1, nautical miles east of Guadeloupe. The first capsize came at the end of day two of the 3, nautical mile race a week ago when one of the biggest yachts in the strong fleet, Banque Populaire IX, turned over after a major structural failure in a gale midway between the coast of Spain and the Azores. This time the yacht going upside down is the Multi50 class trimaran Arkema skippered by Lalou Roucayrol, another French sailor who is based near Bordeaux. Roucayrol is one of the most experienced solo offshore racers in big multihulls and was competing in his fourth Route du Rhum-Destination Guadeloupe. He did not have time to stop his yacht tipping over but was able to keep safe within the main hull. Giving further details today, the Team Arkema spokeswoman, Marie—Astrid Parendeau, said Roucayrol spent about four hours cutting the rig away from the boat and had spent time in the water doing this. The hull has not been damaged by the mast and Roucayrol has managed to salvage one of his sails. He is now safely back on board and has enough food for three or four days and water supplies for 10 days.

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Generous grant helps house more war veterans in Bournemouth 4.

Armel Tripon, a pu, revenir sur ce choix et expliquer le pourquoi du comment. Comme nous vous l’annoncions il y a deux jours, Armel Tripon a décidé de mettre fin à sa collaboration avec son sponsor, Humble for Heroes.

May 10 With a two week breather now in Newport I thought this thread and discussion might help keep interest afloat. The reason for looking to identify those is to try and acertain why it has struggled to remain relevant since when alternative RTW formats have flourished and also give some indicator to its commercial value today and asertain if it indeed has a future? To kick discussion off my two quick headliners are; 1.

While this example pre-dated Volvo ownership of the race, they were the one writing largest cheques at the time. That simply sent a mixed message to how the Race Organiser valued sponsors and that carried over into subsequent editions when it became a single class event. Behind that is an argument this was done solely to appease the demands of Grant Dalton having the backing for a Maxi. The best example of this is the Abu Dhabi stopover introduction in where the entire course was put on its ear, arguably losing many fans, even those regarded as “rusted on”.

The rediculous race on top of a freighter was a another subset of that decision. If Dongfeng win this edition do we see a repeat of that? Is the lesson one that more effort be applied to securing long term stopover commitments, even though they don’t necessarily field a team, to preserve RTW course integrity? Australia being in and out since the races inception, yet fundamental to a decent race course incorporating the entire SO is one example.

Another is the bizzare decision of NZ getting just a 48 hour pitstop Wellington in

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The are gathering as they do every year around this time. Far too cumbersome for efficient mobility when not actually on the race track, these mastodons of our sport come together just once a year for the Sydney-Hobart race, one of the few major events on the international offshore calendar that still recognises these mammoth monohulls as the pinnacle of yachting competition.

Fivem Supers will face the starter on December 26 for the nm sprint to Tasmania. It is a measure of their antique status that only one — Comanche — is less than 10 years old. Most have already passed through multiple ownerships and name changes. Scallywag formerly Ragamuffin , formerly Loyal, formerly Maximus, launched

こいのぼり 村上鯉 鯉のぼり 庭園用 ベランダ用 スタンド付セット m 登竜門 新型鶴亀吹流し 家紋・名入れ可 mk

What are the challenges of cybersecurity for law firms? The biggest challenge is that law firms often don’t consider themselves valid targets. In many cases, this leads to firms taking the minimal necessary technological precautions but forgetting about the appropriate organisational measures. This includes first and foremost educating all collaborators in a law firm on the importance of those precautions and that they can only be effective if they are upheld by all concerned.

After all, according to the ENISA Threat Landscape Report , the top five cyberthreats target the people having access to target systems rather than the systems themselves. Thus, with appropriate technological measures and the proper education of all collaborators, even law firms on a tight budget should be able to counter a significant number of threats. What about the challenges for smaller law firms with smaller budgets? I believe that large firms and firms that are well known are more likely to become victim to a ransomware attack.

Smaller firms may struggle more with finding affordable, practical and safe solutions, for instance for remote working.

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Five owners and managers sailors all , composite wizards, and builders of extremely fast and complicated power boats looking for owner and designer who wish to build big fast custom racing yachts. Call Paul at or email paul townsendbay. This is not a chat room nor a bulletin board – you only get one letter per subject, so give it your best shot and don’t whine if others disagree.

Armel Tripon doit prendre la troisième place au scrach et décrocher la victoire en Multi Il n’avait quasiment rien gagné depuis 15 ans, et n’est pas connu du grand public. Il n’avait quasiment rien gagné depuis 15 ans, et n’est pas connu du grand public.

Texas State Archives Sponsor: Agency History The Texas Constitution of required the Secretary of State to “keep a fair register of all official acts and proceedings of the Governor” and to provide these to the legislature when required. This duty and others were reiterated in the act “to define the duties of Secretary of State,” approved May 9, The Secretary of State is a constitutional officer of the executive branch of state government, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the senate for a term concurrent with the governor’s a two-year term at first, a four-year term since The office was first created by the Constitution of the Republic of Texas in Article VI, Section 10 , and has been continued by each succeeding Constitution.

According to the terms of the Articles of Annexation, the State of Texas, “when admitted into the Union, after ceding to the United States all public edifices, fortifications, barracks, ports and harbors, navy and navy-yards, docks, Texas Constitution, Article IV, Section 21 Scope and Contents of the Records These records include deeds of cession, general and special warranty deeds, deeds of conveyance, quitclaim deeds, abstracts of title, certificates of title, correspondence, affidavits, statements, certifications, minute orders, maps, plats, field notes, metes and bounds descriptions, bonds construction, repair work, etc.

They date not inclusive and undated bulk The records, filed with the Texas Secretary of State’s Statutory Documents Section, comprise deeds to property, title abstracts, deeds of cession of jurisdiction, and other documents which legally transfer title of property and jurisdiction between the state of Texas and other parties, including private individuals, corporations, local governments, and the federal government of the United States. At the Secretary of State’s office, where they were originally filed, they are referred to as “Deeds, abstracts, and deeds of cession of jurisdiction.

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Interferences between depression and life quality on patients suffering of type 2 diabetes First author: Madalina Crisan Coordinator s: Buicu Gabriela , Taran Livia Keywords: Patients with diabetes have an icreased risk of developing along life, one or more depressive phases. Studies made upon patients with depression have showed a big rate of comorbidity with type 1 or 2 diabetes.

April 5 La Solidaire du Chocolat Class 40 GEODIS F. AMEDEO & A. TRIPON 3rd April 6 Volvo Ocean race – Leg 5 VOR70 Puma Ken READ 1st June 2 Trophée MAP Mini 6,50 Série Damien Cloarec Recherche Sponsors Damien CLOAREC 2nd Cascais – La Rochelle Imoca 60 Banque Populaire Armel Le Cleac’h 3rd June 9 Global Ocean race – Leg 5 Class

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Scuttlebutt Sailing News Semcon is an international technology company that develops products based on human needs and behaviours. In this report they profess how connecting boat trailers to cars needs a makeover. Read on… Why should connecting a trailer be such a hassle? Trophy was completed after three days of racing. Sailing-News 22 November We remain confident with your help to reach our goal of CHF by the end of this year,

The History Department is proud to announce that the third volume of its student-produced publication, The Forum: A Journal of History,won second prize in the print category in the Gerald D. Nash History Journal Award given by the Phi Alpha Theta History Honor Society.

Image licensed to Lloyd Images The 25 boats in The Transat Bakerly fleet set sail today on one of the great races in solo sailing, the 3, nautical mile passage across the north Atlantic from Plymouth to New York. The Transat Bakerly yacht race. Image licensed to Lloyd Images Ahead of the solo skippers and their boats lies one of the most daunting challenges in professional sport — the north Atlantic, complete with bitterly cold storm force headwinds, an ever-present adverse swell, freezing fog and even the danger of ice.

The fleet is divided into four classes, each of which will produce an official winner of The Transat bakerly. The fastest boats are the giant trimarans of the Ultime class, three of which are battling it out for line honours, with the first expected to reach the finish at New York in around eight days. The slowest boats will be the smaller monohulls of the strong Class40 fleet which should take around 15 days to complete the course, but in which we should see some of the tightest racing.

Peyron is expecting to take around 27 days to reach the finish at New York. Several skippers were caught out by the lighter-than-forecast conditions at the start and were hastily shaking out reefs as those with full mainsails took advantage. The foilers may well be quicker but will they be tough enough to last this toughest of courses? I want to do well and I am just thinking through all the things I must not forget and the mistakes to avoid.

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De redactie van het KWS Journaal heeft mijn artikel verprutst Zo had het er in moeten staan: Niet alleen nationaal maar ook internationaal – zelfs bij Europese of wereldkampioenschappen – is duidelijk merkbaar dat zeilers steeds minder vaak de protestkamer gebruiken om een regelconflict op te lossen.

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He has been crowned World Surf League Champion a record 11 times, including 5 consecutive titles in — He is the youngest at age 20 and the oldest at age 39 to win the WSL men’s title. Upon winning his fifth world title in , Slater passed Australian surfer Mark Richards to become the most successful champion in the history of the sport. In he also became the all-time leader in career event wins by winning the Boost Mobile Pro event at Lower Trestles near San Clemente , California.

The previous record was held by Slater’s childhood hero, three-time world champion Tom Curren. Slater, having grown up in Florida, was never truly comfortable in waves of consequence until a trip to Oahu in A giant Northwest swell was pounding the coast, closing out breaks from Waimea to Sunset. He drove to Makaha, where he was greeted with 40′ Hawaiian scale waves breaking across the bay. Slater parked and saw legendary charger Brandon “Big Wave” Davis waxing up his 11′ gun.

Big Wave Davis simply gave Kelly a wink and they paddled out, trading waves all afternoon. Slater credits Davis in his biography stating “Brandon’s knowledge and poise in large surf had a huge impact on my career. Anytime I’m dropping in a big wave, I think back to that wink in the Makaha parking lot and I push myself over the ledge.